Life after a short sale

A short sale is a good financial move when you can’t find a buyer to purchase your home for what is owed and the payments are more than you can afford.   The impact on your credit is going to depend on how the mortgage lender reports it to the credit bureaus. 

So we need to start by assessing the damage.  First, how is the information being reported, settled for less than the full amount, paid, settlement accepted, account legally paid for less than the full balance? You get the picture. Next is it being reported to all of the big 3 credit bureaus?  How is the rest of my credit doing? Do I still have some credit cards I can use? And what most people want to know, what has it done to my credit score? You need to answer all of these questions before creating a plan to recovery.

Chances are your credit problems aren’t as bad as you think.  Some issues may be cleared up quickly and others not at all.  The good news is that with proper planning, your credit will improve.

Start by using and managing your available credit. If you don’t have any credit, start by getting a secured credit card at the following link:

Applied Bank® Secured Visa® Gold Credit Card

Another great way to rebuild your credit profile is to use an online retailer we recommend: Ox Publishing. They sell eBooks and offer customers lines of credit that report to credit bureaus.  This will assist you in the rebuilding of your credit profile.

Talk to a credit expert about putting a customized Action Plan together for you. You can contact me to set an appointment today  by calling (800) 679-1505.

“Remember bad credit is not a life sentence”

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