Hospitals use wallet biopsies to deny treatment

Hospitals across America are doing covert “wallet biopsies” to deny life-saving treatment for patients, according to BusinessWeek. This is even happening to those patients who have insurance!

In a wallet biopsy, the hospital takes a separately purchased health credit report and then factors in your income, insurance and level of debt. The goal is to gain a profitability index score on you so they can determine how to handle your individual case.

If your index score is’ too low — meaning that your insurer is unlikely to pay and you’re unlikely to meet your out-of-pocket expenses — they won’t treat you, according to BusinessWeek.

But there is a way to fight back. Many hospitals have non-profit status, which means that they receive massive subsidies from taxpayers in return for the promise to provide charitable care. Have a family member go directly to the hospital’s administrator and threaten to challenge their tax-exempt status if they’re not providing care to you.

Meanwhile, new figures show that the instance of cancer has had its first recorded drop ever. Let’s hope this is a turning point and not just a statistical aberration.

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