Your Mortgage and Trended Data Credit Reports

Your Mortgage and Trended Data Credit Reports What you need to know By Doug Minor The phrase trended credit data may not mean much to you now. But if you’re shopping for a home loan anytime soon, it will. Also referred to as historical,…


Diversifying your credit card usage amongst different credit issuers to help with safety and possibly improving your credit score.

A Common Myth About Paying Off Debts

The myths about what debts people think they should pay off and which debts they really should pay off.

Not All Credit Scores Are Created Equal

Different credit scores from mortgages to car loan applications and internet sites along with simulated scores. You need to understand the difference in scores and what you're actually looking at.

Part Two- Bankruptcy: Keeping your Home and the effect on Mortgages

Bankruptcy, your home, mortgages, deficiency judgment, stripping off of second mortgage.

What's up with Bankruptcy with Doug Minor & Greg Shanfeld

Bankruptcy terms, Chapter 7 & 13, How Bankruptcy can affect you.

Personal Identity Theft Story

A story about personal identity theft from Doug Minor.

What's in Everyone's Credit Report

Explanations about inaccurate information contained in all credit reports.

Life after a short sale

A short sale is a good financial move when you can’t find a buyer to purchase your home for what is owed and the payments are more than you can afford.   The impact on your credit is going to depend on how the mortgage lender reports it…